Station log.

Here you will find a manually entered log of the station, upgrades, changes and faults/failures.

04/04/2016 - The station went live on the network.

After setting up and a period of testing the station went live on the website. Shortly afterwards the Dreamtechnologies Radiation Monitoring website was written and published. See about page for technical details of the station.

Since then the Dreamtechnologies website has been periodically updated to what you see now. Back in March 2018 the website and core had a major update. Shortly after this the Radlog software was updated to add fixes and functionality.

Missing data 08/2018 - 09/2018.

Between the start of August and the end of September 2018 the station suffered with random loss of reception from the Geiger counter RS232 transmitter. Some hours and days of data was never received by the Radlog software and as a result left some large gaps in data during that time. The cause is unknown. Possibly interference from other radio transmitters using the same frequency as the data transmitter and receiver. Although the data was never received this did not affect the validity of the data that was received. This still happens occasionally and will be remedied in an up coming hardware upgrade.

12/08/2019 Radlog upgraded to 0.43

It was over a year later that the Radlog software was updated on the station. The delay in updating the software was due to many factors. A couple of them were that it had to be guarenteed the historical data would still be available and another being "If it aint broke, don't fix it!". As this is a serious amateur station it was prudent to the running of this station that the software was trialled for a length of time before updating the station. Many Radmon users forfilled this task as well as local offline testing.

31/08/2019 Website update

The website has been updated and slightly restructured to take advantage of the newer features within the Radlog software. Some graphs were moved from the 'History' page and has been renamed 'Averaged Data' in lieu of actual daily historic data being published soon. Also the station log was completed and updated along with the 'About' page.

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